Kung fu / Wushu:



Wushu (武 术 ), in Chinese simply means “martial arts.” In the west wushu is more commonly known as kung fu, from the Chinese “gong fu,” which refers to a skill or trade gained by discipline and hard work.

Chinese wushu is one of the oldest styles of martial arts in the world, tracing its origins back at least 1500 years ago at the Shaolin Temple of Song Mountain, where it is still practiced today. The Shaolin Temple is renowned for being the one of the oldest martial arts schools ever established, and the oldest that remains in existence.

Shaolin Wushu today is actually made up of dozens of various sub-styles, thanks to its long history. Each fighting style has its own unique elements, and wushu students normally learn multiple styles to benefit from a wide range of techniques.


What you will learn:

IMG_5572Here at the Academy, the Wushu program is comprised of a comprehensive selection of Shaolin fighting styles, or ‘quan’ in effort to build well-rounded students. The adult program focuses on three main areas: hand forms, weapons, and practical self-defense applications.

Practicing hand and weapons forms helps to develop strength, stamina, speed, flexibility, and coordination. Our curriculum includes traditional Shaolin styles such as: Hong Quan, Luohan Quan, Pao Quan, Chang Quan, Tonbei Quan, and Mi Zong Quan.

Weapons are taught after a student has developed a strong foundation in the basic forms and drills. Among some of the many weapons taught at Mt Song are the staff, spear, broadsword, straight sword, whip chain, and cane.

IMG_5777Intermediate and advanced students may study mimicking styles such as: Tiger (Hu Quan), Snake (She Quan), Leopard (Bao Quan), Monkey (Hou quan), Mantis (Tang Long Quan), and Drunken (Zui Quan). Advanced students may also study modern wushu sets and acrobatics.

Self-defense is, of course, a major aspect of all martial arts, including wushu. Thus, students are continuously taught how to apply the techniques which they learn to real-life defense situations. Practical applications classes are held every week.


Curriculum at a Glance:

Traditional hand forms
Ji Ben Gong
Shaolin weapons
Modern forms
Animal forms
Fighting applications /Self-defense
Lion Dance

Intensive Training Program:

Intensive training is for the very serious student who would like to learn Wushu, Tai ji, or both, on a full-time basis. Classes are held throughout the day, Monday through Friday. All experience levels welcome.

Students will be tested prior to starting the program and placed in the appropriate level. After this, students will have a private consult with Shifu to determine personal goals for his or her training. Please call or send an email if interested in this program.