Kids Kung Fu

Is your child Fit for Life?


Wushu/kung fu is an ideal after-school activity for children, as it is a great alternative to television or video games, and simulating enough to keep the interest of kids. As we move into the virtual age, it is becoming harder and harder to keep kids active, and so letting your child have fun and stay active in kung fu class is one of the best things you could do for him or her.




Everything they need to Succeed:

IMG_6116Our youth program begins at five years old, and is five days a week. Of the many benefits of kung fu, you can expect your child to have more focus, discipline, coordination, and perhaps most important, self-confidence. Additionally, wushu may be one of the best ways to not only ensure your child get daily exercise, but also help ward off diseases such as ADHD, depression, and childhood obesity.


It's Fun, Too!

After making kung fu a part of your child’s life, he or she will become more energetic, confident, and enthusiastic. Our classes are challenging, exciting, and fun, and comprehensive enough that students never get bored.


What kids will learn:

IMG_6315After each student learns the basic forms and drills, he or she will study the various weapons such as staff, swords, spear, whip chain, and pu dao. Advanced students can also study acrobatics and Shaolin animal styles such as tiger, snake, monkey, and mantis. All students learn practical self-defense and danger awareness, as well as weekly character building.



Curriculum Overview:

Traditional hand forms
Weapons forms
Animal styles
Self defense
Character building