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WHAT IS WUSHU? Wushu (武 术 ), in Chinese simply means “martial arts.” In the west wushu is more commonly known as kung fu, from the Chinese “gong fu,” which refers to a skill or trade gained by discipline and hard work.

Kids Kung Fu

Wushu/kung fu is an ideal after-school activity for children, as it is a great alternative to television or video games, and simulating enough to keep the interest of kids. As we move into the virtual age, it is becoming harder and harder to keep kids active, and so letting your child have fun and stay active in kung fu class is one of the best things you could do for him or her.

After School Program

Students in our after school program benefit from 2 hours of high-energy kung fu classes each day. Before and between kung fu, our after school kids also get help with homework, work on character building, and engage in a Chinese language and culture lesson.


Tai ji Quan (Tai Chi, or Tai Qi) is a system of exercise well known for its relaxing and meditative qualities, and is often referred to as “moving meditation.” Emphasizing deliberate and flowing movements, Tai ji is perhaps one of the best methods to exercise mind, body, and spirit simultaneously.


Sanda, which simply means, “free, or open, fighting,” is the Chinese style of kickboxing. Sanda is very similar to Muay Thai, though unique to Sanda is the use of elaborate throws and takedowns, with less emphasis on knee and elbowing techniques.

Kids Martial Arts Summer Camp:

Your Child Will Love our Summer Camp,and SO WILL YOU!

Come be a part of the most fun martial arts camp this summer break! Each day is packed full of exciting activities and kung fu lessons.

Every day we have over 3 hours of martial arts training, acrobatics and kicboxing practice in addition to Chinese language classes and daily field trips.

Just some of our field trips include: bowling, swimming, skating, petting zoos, and much more.

Private Lesson

One on one, or small group training classes are available with Shifu Salazar or any of our Lao Shi by appointment. Private training is ideal for Mt Song students wanting to supplement their training, students wishing to study something specific that is off-curriculum, or even simply for those whose schedule conflicts with normal class times. Individual classes are also perfect for students of other martial arts disciplines who are interested in cross-training opportunities.

Martial Arts Show’s/Demo’s

Our talented Mt Song Demo Team offers shows for the following events: New Year’s Lion Dance (w/ or w/o kung fu show) Lion Dance for Weddings,Lion Dance for Grand Openings, Kung fu/Tai ji Demonstration, Hard Qi Gong Demonstration (w/ kung fu show) Please call 813-412-0750. Pricing for show depends on lentgth, travel distance, and performer requirements. Discounts availiable for Charity events, Schools, and events with press releases.

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Tai chi/Self defense Seminar with 31st Generation Shaolin Grandmaster Shi De Ru Saturday March 24th 9:30am-4pm Seminar topics include: Lecture on the Benefits of Qigong and Medeitation for health Shaolin Tai Gong-(Qi Gong) Shaolin Chan Meditation   Lecture on Shaolin History Xiao Lohan Form Shaolin Gong fu and Applications Location: Mt Song Martial Arts Academy […]

Tampa Bay Local Mt. Song Martial Arts Team Perform at Safety Harbor Middle School

Tampa Bay Local Lion Dance Team Mt. Song Martial Arts Academy, Perform the Chinese Lion dance and Shaolin Kung-fu at Safety Harbor Middle School for there Chinese New Year’s celebration

Mt. Song Martial Arts Academy Celebrate Chinese New Year in Largo

Mt. Song Martial Arts Academy Demo Team Preform there Shaolin Kungfu Show At Largo Central Park for the SACA (Suncoast Association of Chinese Americans) there holding its outdoor New Year’s celebration tomorrow (Feb. 24) in Largo Central Park. LARGO and The Suncoast Association of Chinese Americans along with the city of Largo will celebrate the […]

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